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I canceled the approaches to code my own mume/mud client so please stop asking. Here you can see in what state my porject was. Maybe I will start again, but I doubt it since powwow nearly serves all my needs.

DescriptionOutput-Log / Description
Your blood freezes as you hear a black uruk's death cry.
A black uruk is dead! R.I.P.

--> Gained   xp: 15732          tp: 8
--> Trip     xp: 16376          tp: 8
--> Needed   xp: 787404         tp: 0
Amts prays 'May I have a eq please ?'
Dnaurain prays 'newby'
Nactier prays 'end'
Nactier prays 'sorry :P'
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Descriptionour Mume-Forwarding-Servers
quick server
ramiris.silicon.org 4242 (active)
www.q2web.com 4242 (active; limited access)
erde.wipol.uni-bonn.de 4242 (disabled)
pengo.hoya-mg.de 4242 (active)