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  I got in touch with MUME at around July 1999. That was the time when I finished reading Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" and "The Silmarillon" for about the fifth time and was gathering various related stuff like those audio-plays or the 'ancient' "The Hobbit"-Adventure for the C64.

   Andris was my first char - and after a long and stony way to get to level 20 - I meet Brak, Dar and Felak below Hedge at the entrance to The Old Forest. Actually I wanted to try to solo Wise-Old Trees there, but wasn't really sure if I could succeed. Anyways meeting those three other dwarves they allowed me to join their group and we headed straight to the Ancient Broken Road - some place I have never been before. Still remembering that I was scared to death I had no clue whatsoever and it was quite scary when I somehow got splitted from my group when darkies hit us.

  Joining that group was fun, because experience gain was kinda easy, but still I had no clue about the areas. So I started some thieves, because they were IMHO easy to play, xp and perfect to get to know areas. I still like to play thieves, but I think they are too overpowered and that hurts the game-atmosphere.

  I met lots of other nice people - a fact which makes that game even more addictive. Well, enjoy my page - I am not too much into html design, so I think the page will be average at best.

- Axel (March, 2000)
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