* W S C Mana:Burning Move:Tired>east
Small Fields
A large rabbit looks peacefully at you, ready to dart away.
Exits: North East South West.

You see some tracks of *an Orc* leading east
 (done less than 1 hour ago).

* W S C Move:Tired>east
Hut in the Grasslands
A peaceful farmer smiles at you when you arrive.
*Gretna the Orc* is standing here.
Exits: North East South West.
Aha, you have found your victim!

* W S C Move:Tired>ba *Orc*
You begin to move silently to the back of your victim...

*Gretna the Orc* slaps a simple farmer.
A simple farmer punches *Gretna the Orc* on her arm.

*Gretna the Orc* kisses a simple farmer.

*Gretna the Orc* makes a strange sound, as you place a black runed dagger in her back.

* W S C Move:Tired *Gretna the Orc*:Wounded>
*Gretna the Orc* panics, and attempts to flee.
*Gretna the Orc* leaves west.

* W S C Move:Tired>cast 'light' *Orc*
*Gretna the Orc* has arrived from the west.
You start to concentrate...
A simple farmer yells 'An Orc is here at Hut in the Grasslands!'