powwow and cancan for win32/cygwin/local-editing

People kept asking for Windows Mud-Clients, which support the MUME local editing protocol. Since I have been using Cancan or Powwow, I tried to port those clients to Windows. Using the Cygwin-Environment I compiled both and go them running on Windows. First I was planning to use the traditional "xterm -e emacs" for local editing sessions, but I wanted to keep the package small. So instead of using X11, I used the windows-start tool to open a new window and thus offering a basis for the edit-session.

powwow-1.2.5r7.zip (11th Sept 2001)
powwow-1.0.5-win32.zip (9th May 2001)
screenshot screenshot screenshot

Throughout the project I also worked with Cancan, but later I put more focus on Powwow. Regarding that, the Powwow-Win32 version is a lot more advanced. The following Cancan enables you to use local editing too, but only with two precompiled editors (vi and aee).


Getting powwow to run with cygwin in a win32 environment works pretty well, but certainly has some performance drawbacks compared to a native implementation. The client works nice, but I would not PK with it. Bill Johnston (Loden) managed to do a kick-ass win32 port of powwow called powtty. So better check that out :>

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